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  • Nautilus Wallpaper - Design No. Five
  • Nautilus Wallpaper - Design No. Five
  • Nautilus Wallpaper - Design No. Five
  • Nautilus Wallpaper - Design No. Five
  • Nautilus Wallpaper - Design No. Five
  • Nautilus Wallpaper - Design No. Five
  • Nautilus Wallpaper - Design No. Five

Nautilus Wallpaper

Premium Matte Finish - 26” trimmed 

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Introducing our eco-friendly Nautilus Mollusk wallpaper, a timeless design that beautifully captures the intricate markings of the nautilus shell in a hand-sketched pattern. Now available in a stunning new colorway, honey brown, with the nautilus shell delicately highlighted in off-white. This vintage, traditional, and coastal design bridges generations, making it a beloved choice for both your grandmother and her great-grandchildren. Crafted with sustainability in mind, our wallpaper transcends time, bringing a touch of nature's elegance into any space. 

Every room needs a conversation piece - this wallpaper design will prompt many interesting discussions. You might start with the fact that Nautiluses are a living link to the ancient past, living in deep ocean reefs well before the time of dinosaurs. They play a role in the eco-system as a predator and scavenger. The chambered nautilus shell is a symbol of nature’s evolution as reflected in the shells spiral precision.

Size Yardage 26" X 36" Trimmed
Color Honey Brown

By Design Nº Five


Repeat Measurement - 26"W x 13.855"L

Sold by the linear yard. 

Premium Matte Finish.

Lead time is 2-3 weeks, plus shipping time - Shipping cost calculated at check out.   

Slight variations in color and texture are to be expected from the digital preview. 

We can not guarantee color match of separate orders.        

All Orders are printed to order and a final sale - refunds for defects only.     


Sample size: 12" X 12" 

When wallpaper order is placed the Sample Fees will be credited.

Professional Installation: For optimal results, consider professional installation. Experienced installers can determine surface condition prior to installation and ensure proper alignment, pattern matching, and a flawless finish.

Questions? Please email hello@designnofive.com                                                     


  • PVC Free Paper.
  • 10% Post Consumer Waste.
  • 90% Forest Stewardship Council certified.
  • ASTM E84 Class A Fire Rated.

  • Printed with Latex water based inks, durable finish, no harmful chemicals and odorless.

Care Instructions

Gentle Cleaning: To maintain the pristine beauty of your wallpaper, use a soft, clean cloth or sponge for light cleaning. Avoid abrasive mamaterials that may damage the surface.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Refrain from using strong cleaning agents, solvents, or harsh chemicals on your wallpaper, as they may cause discoloration or damage to the material.

Stain Prevention: Act promptly to remove any spills or stains.

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