Our Popular Pillows


Horseshoe Crab Pillow in Sunny

Horseshoe crab ancestors can be traced back to far before dinosaurs even existed. Fast forward about 445 million years and these amazing creatures create a modern design perfect for any living space.

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Under Sail Pillow in Mariner's Blue

Ahoy! A strong breeze, close-hauled, and windward of your competition. Add a touch of nautical whimsy to any room with our “under sail” fabric. Remember the days of sailing across the finish lie, under full sail in first place! So sweet.

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Mermaid's Purse Pillow in Black Reverse

Whether you call it a "mermaid's purse" or "skate egg case," odds are you or your children have found one of these fascinating black objects while strolling along the beach. We were inspired by its organic shape and it’s quickly become our most popular design!

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Oyster Pillow in Cape Cod Grey

When one of your design studios sits atop Cotuit harbor, you learn to appreciate Cotuit oysters. Nothing says “summer” like a haul of fresh oysters. Nothing says “style” quite like our oyster fabric. This design is quickly becoming our second runner up to the Mermaid’s Purse. Your purchase could move it into the lead!

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