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Hello there, I'm Beth.

July 30, 2020

Hello there, I'm Beth.

Designing coastal inspired fabrics is the best of all worlds for me. I get to spend time near the water and at the beach plus focus on making a more eco-friendly world. I love color, eclectic design, black coffee, handbags, shoes and linen fabric. My iPhone is full of photos all kinds of things that catch my eye - graffiti, sketches, doors, window, gates, sidewalk tiles, beach treasures, flowers and thousands of photos of produce at farmers' markets. My mind is always racing with new inspiration - just ask my family! Being married to a sailor, artist, author, musician, barefoot runner, terrific cook and traveling marketing guy keeps me on the move, literally. Tagging along on many of Phil's work trips and a few of our own is one of the pluses of age - time and flexibility to pick up and go!
I am an avid Boston sports fans. My daughters Clarissa aka Bookie and Charlotte join Phil and me for an annual trek to Fenway Park to take in the Red Sox versus Yankees


Although I must confess, I was equally intrigued by the roof top garden at Fenway Park! Eco-friendly with a farm to table option for the caterers at the park. Very cool! Another very special Fenway Park memory is singing the National Anthem at a few of their games as an Alto with The New World Chorale. 


Today our life centers around Cape Cod. Four years ago Phil and I bought a late 1700s Sea Captain's home. We are a stones throw from the harbor and if the wind is just right we can see Phil's Cotuit Skiff floating at the mooring.




My husband has been coming to Cape Cod since he was born, but I am a complete wash ashore. I am from landlocked upstate New York; however, I have always been drawn to coastal settings. First job out of college was in East Hampton, Long Island. Then on to Boston and Cape Cod. I studied Music as a voice major and then Electrical Engineering - with art and design courses thrown in along the way. My career has spanned several industries. When my girls were very little I decided to join the world of entrepreneurs. In 1992 I launched BjtO kidstuff, a children's sweater company and with time the company evolved into Design No. Five, Inc. It was always important for me to have my own independence both personally and financially. I am proud to say that both my girls have followed suit! Very independent and successful young women.

Having a studio that is comfortable, inviting and inspiring is critical and I have it all!



I strongly believe that our surroundings are important. Our homes and work spaces reflect us. Look around, do you like what you see? If not, now is the time to make the changes you need. Tell your story. 

Given my family and I live in a coastal community, with sailing and spending time at the beach as a major part of our life, designing fabrics from hand-sketched drawings of seaweed, mermaid's purses, oyster shells, periwinkles and horseshoe crabs was a natural fit. We live on Cape Cod so having beach treasures that we found on our beaches was special. Be true to where you live.

I believe in protecting Mother Earth. Using fabrics that are grown from sustainable fibers and can be produced in the most eco-friendly manner are the corner stones to Design No. Five's design efforts. We'll share more in this Journal about why 100% Certified Belgian Linen is so important. The fibers that make up our fabrics, how they are grown and harvested and treated during production are important to understand. It makes a huge difference to your health and well being! 

Hoping you will enjoy our coastal inspired fabrics as much as I do. Thanks for reading and hope you'll stay in touch.


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