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Get Creative With What's In Your Yard...

October 28, 2020

Get Creative With What's In Your Yard...

As day after day after day turns into month after month after month of working from home, if you are like me, a pick me up is in order! I know that adding a little color and creativity can make a huge difference in how I feel. My Mother would be so proud of me as I made do with what I had right in my very own backyard. No money spent! My Mother, Regina was amazing in her ability to make something out of what seemed like nothing. So in her spirit let me share what I discovered lurking among the fallen leaves and dying gardens. Hopefully this will give you inspiration for your socially distanced get togethers or family dinners.



Jack O'Lanterns growing wild along our property line intrigue me.

Layer the orange and gold tones - DN5 Seaweed XL Fabric in Sunny.


Hydrangeas in fall's deep plum-pink hues add drama to any dining table.

Paired with DN5 Seaweed XXL in Cape Cod Grey. Soon to be added to our website - stay tuned!



A Balanced Breakfast is one of my favorite pieces of art.  lt sometimes gets lost in our kitchen - adding the last of our pink roses gives due attention to it's charm. Coupled with custom napkins, in our best selling pattern, Mermaid's Purse in Mariner's Blue and a custom Horseshoe Crab color way.


This summer I added an herb garden to my cut flower bed. Many are still growing strong as the weather gets cooler. I have loved collecting bouquets of the bolting basil, rosemary, sage, parsley and thyme. The aroma is lovely!

Underscored with a few locally grown apples and DN5's Mermaid's Purse in Nantucket Red napkin. So very classic coastal cottage with a strong beach vibe.


Mint, another aromatic herb growing wild in our yard has been a staple in our kitchen and bar this year.  Paying tribute to A Perfect Diamond, my husband Phil's summer drink of choice and invention.  Phil's bar is always stocked with DN5 hand-sketched coastal napkins - shown here is the Horseshoe Crab in Reverse Black.
The Perfect Diamond:  One shot gin, 5 large mint leaves muddles in 1 oz. fresh lime juice served in a tall glass with ice, finished off with seltzer water and a sprig of mint leaves.
Enjoy! Let us know what you think - email

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