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Yup, the kid's table this year is the winning seat assignment! Practice up you paper boat folding. Got to love our DN5 Under Sail pattern in mariner's blue sailing right through Thanksgiving dinner this year. Enjoy!



If you need a refresher course on how to fold your boat, tune into

this youtube video


Thanksgiving this year will be very different for so many families, including ours.  Our Covid pod will expand to include our two daughters who will drive down to the Cape from Boston along with the newest family member Rigsby, my daughter Bookie's black lab. Our old faithful pug Dexter isn't so sure that's a good idea... 
This year our dinner will be a family affair with everyone chipping in and helping to cook.  We may just pull up stools in the kitchen and enjoy each course as it's ready.



Many families will be much less formal and more casual this year.  For us stools pulled up to our very worn vintage butcher block island will certainly create a buzz, quite the little beehive including bees on the plates which are custom from Barnstable Pottery and bees on the La Rochere Napoleon glasses. The Mermaid's Purse napkins in Nantucket Red add a pop of color and match up nicely with our red metal stools, with the Buffet Fold tidily organizing our silverware. In the wonderful paperback The Simple Art of Napkin Folding (page 38) you can learn how to fold The Buffet. Pick up a copy of this charming little book. I gave a copy to my daughter when she was about 10 years old when she was still interested in helping set and decorate the table.



Buffet Napkin Fold - loving the Little Lady Apples, so sweet!



Dinner for two can also be very very special with a little creativity.  We have featured a new version of our Seaweed pattern in Cape Cod Grey as the table runner and Spode's vintage Tradewinds Red China and Waterford Crystal's vintage Kildare pattern along with our DN5's Painterly Stripe in Cape Cod Grey for the napkins. 



Our DN5 Painterly Stripe in Cape Cod Grey clustered in a Nosegay tied with raffia is elegant yet so simple to do.



Given this Thanksgiving isn't going to be traditional, you have permission to mix it up with dessert. If you are a whoopie pie lover - go for it! Served on a wooden bread board alternated with DN5's Oyster Shell fabric  crafted into dessert napkins is truly festive!


Thanksgiving often gets extended well into the following weekend. Don't forget to keep up the fun and creativity over coffee and a light breakfast on Friday morning. After all not much is needed after a Thanksgiving dinner...



A cup of coffee or tea, a scone and a little fruit is all one needs to kick off the day after Thanksgiving. The napkins in our DN5 Seaweed in mariner's blue  coordinates nicely with the Painterly Stripe also in mariner's blue. Sit back and enjoy as the family collectively works on the NY Times crossword puzzle. 


Ah, don't despair a cup of coffee solo and causally planning for next springs gardens will be on the horizon... be sure to check out Jennifer Blaise Kramer and Isa Hendry Eaton's book Small Garden Styleyou won't be sorry. Loving our Horseshoe Crab XL in black made into this round tablecloth. 


Wishing everyone the most wonderful and memorial Thanksgiving!