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Choosing To Live In The Front Row...

September 17, 2019

Choosing To Live In The Front Row...

Sure seems like life from the front row is a whole lot more fun!


You know how you just relate to certain sentiments? Well this one resonates with me! Being in the front row can mean different things to different people. While the third row may seem safer, allowing you to blend in, it could simply be a gesture of being nice and letting others go first. Think about how you make choices… Which row works for you? As I think about the design world, after all it is Fashion Week, aren’t you dying to know what Chanel’s tribute to Lagerfeld had to offer or see that pretty little party dress from Miu Miu. For all of this info, you’ll have to go to Harpers Bizarre. Trust me, it’s worth a look! They will give you a front row seat – suits, neon colors, English tweed, dark romance and bougie girl – better look up that term!

The design world, whether fashion or interior design, is very competitive, intertwined and multi faceted. Yesterday a young artist emailed me about her work. The fact that I responded to her request surprised her and resulted in a lovely email exchange. She is starting out in the world of design and I am not – yet we both have the same goal of garnering attention from Interior Designers in hope that they will facilitate selling our wares to their design clients. She creates art and I design coastal inspired fabrics, very different mediums but same ultimate clients. The email prompted me to think about how can I pay forward what I have learned over four decades of a career spanning design, sales and marketing in creative industries.

Initially sitting in the front row was a result of always being late for class and the only seats left were of course in the front row… soon I learned this gave me an unobstructed view of what was going on. Even gave me a persona of being in the know, as the front row always gets called on – keeps one on their toes. Front row offers the opportunity to be involved on your terms – your voice has a better chance of being heard.

So, looking back over forty plus years of working, life in the front row isn’t about being famous or recognized by others. It is about how one goes about making life choices. Do what you love, follow your passion, be aware of industry trends but stay true to your ideals. Hard work and perseverance go hand in hand, stay the course. Be involved and learn from others, get out there on your terms, its a lot more fun and rewarding. Be brave! Take a chance on the front row.

In style,


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