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Blues are in season or as they say on Cape Cod, “blues are running”. Bet you are thinking I am going to tell you all about the myriad of blue coastal inspired designs, printed on rich Belgian linen that Design No. Five so aptly creates right here on Cape Cod? NOPE, I want to tell you about Bluefish. My discovery of Smoked Bluefish pate needs to be shared. You can thank me later…

Bluefish start arriving in Cape Cod waters as early as June and stay around until fall. Bluefish are prolific, and their population levels are healthy. Historically they had a bad wrap for being dark meat that was too oily or “too fishy” tasting. Currently bluefish provide an increasingly important income source for local fishermen as the market has grown and more consumers and chefs are turning to bluefish for its great flavor. Case in point, last Friday I was having dinner at La Morra in Brookline MA and they had a new menu entrée of Bluefish, which was met with rave reviews!

This past summer, Nice Catch Wild Smoked Bluefish Pate, made in Warren, RI as part of the Hope & Main culinary incubator, became a staple in our Cotuit pantry’s cache for hor d’oeuvres.  When you spot Nice Catch Wild Smoked Bluefish Pate in your fish store or grocery store, pop it in your shopping cart.  You will not be disappointed.  Plus it’s so wonderful to support small businesses.  Love the Hope and Main incubator concept!

If you have the time and are so inclined, check out Cooking.NYTimes.com recipe for making your own smoked bluefish.  It’s relatively easy to make and so yummy.  Yet, I must confess, Nice Catch has an edge on flavor!  They sure get my vote.

Here’s another bluefish cooking tip… how to grill bluefish and deal with their fishy flavor, check out Lauren Collin’s, Creatively Delish recipe for Caramelized Bluefish.  Lauren and her fisherman husband Ryan live on Cape Cod.  Her recipes are spot on and the visuals are lovely. The best news of all is that you can have Lauren cook for you.  Check out her meal delivery options.

In my quest to discover new coastal inspired images for our fabrics, I love finding new people, places and things that all relate to Coastal Inspired! It’s my goal to share them with you, so come back often.

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