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An Affair With A Chair...

November 21, 2019

An Affair With A Chair...

Just imagine…it’s early Friday evening on April 19,1968 and he is settling into his favorite chair in their trendy new family room. Still in his dark suit, tie askew having just arrived home from working all day in New York City, Lawrence decides to catch up on a bit of work before his son’s birthday party starts – briefcase on his lap serving as a desk, scotch on the rocks with a twist in hand and Bach playing in the background, kind of Mad Men style, kind of not… sure does love his wood framed, nicely upholstered mid-century chair. It’s just the right height, perfect for his bad back, doesn’t overwhelm the room, totally understated– this young fellow’s life motto.

Fast forward a mere mid-century of sorts to August 17, 2019… another birthday party is in the making! Now long retired, Lawrence had been anguishing over what to do with his sad old dinged up and tattered mid-century chair. Believing in repurposing and up-cycling, a plan was put in motion.  It was a collaborative affair with a chair - Lawrence worked his magic and refinished the wood to a lovely maple with a hint of teak. Finishing touches were kept a secret while the design team at Design No. Five schemed to enlarge the black horseshoe crab print on natural linen fabric.  

The little boy who had his birthday party back in 1968 delivered the chair to his Father for his 90thbirthday! Today the restored mid-century chair sits rackishly, front and center in the sunroom. No longer understated! 

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